About us

Description of our site and services including the objective of the program

What is Health Explore?

We are a non-profit organization which aims to mentor and support health and life scientists in low-middle income countries to achieve their career goals and publish high quality research. To date, Health Explore has begun a digital centre for scientific enthusiasts, providing trustworthy content referenced from the latest scientific and medical literature.

We currently offer a user-interactive platform displaying human diseases in a visual format and linking associated conditions to one another according to common elements. Each disease on the platform will also feature a detailed information page written by experts across multiple disciplines.

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Vision & next steps

Our goal is to build the Health Explore lite mobile app for junior researchers and undergraduate students in the health sciences. This tool will offer access to resources for professional development, interactive learning and the ability to connect with peers in their field of interest. Users will be able to create a unique profile which adapts the content presented to them based on their needs and research area.

By providing useful resources and guidance, users will benefit from having a clearer picture of the opportunities that exist, whether through postgraduate studies or in the workforce. Creating a unique profile will offer tailored content and allow peer-to-peer connection with other users in their research field of interest. The app will also have offline capability so that materials can be opened after a single download. This makes it suitable for all users, including those in low- and middle- income countries. It is designed to be accessible on lower-end devices and/or with slow internet connection, offering widespread functionality.