About us

Description of our site and services including the objective of the program

What is Health Explore?

We are a non-profit organization which aims to mentor and support health and life scientists in low-middle income countries to achieve their goals and publish high quality research. Health Explore is also building a digital centre for scientific enthusiasts, providing trustworthy content referenced from the latest scientific and medical literature.

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We currently offer a user-interactive platform displaying human diseases in a visual format and linking associated conditions to one another according to common elements. Each disease on the platform will also feature a detailed information page written by experts across multiple disciplines.

How are connections established?

There are several categories of connections linking different diseases, including shared:

  • Anatomical characteristics
  • Taxonomies
  • Disease-associated genes
  • Clinical manifestations
  • Sub-classifications
  • Comorbidities

Who can access the information pages?

Health Explore information pages are open to all members of the public who wish to learn more about a particular condition. To access example information pages, click here to access our disease directory.